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What Is ASIC?

ASIC is an independet body of government that deals with the acts of the corporate business sector of Australia. The complete form of ASIC is Australian Securities and Investment Commission.

What ASIC Do?

  • ASIC makes it sure to the government that the financial market of Australia is transparent, fair and supported by both marketers and consumers.
  • Implies the government laws related to taxation and other financial systems.
  • Enlists all of the company information of the financial market of Australia.

Importance of A Professional ASIC agent in Liverpool

If you want to make your business transparent and maintain regulation of laws into your company acts, it’s a must that you co-operates with ASIC on a regular basis. In that case, maintenance of ASIC acts can be an extra headache to your regular business tasks. Here you are in need of a trustable, professional accountant agent that can help you out.

CBD Accountants is exactly the service you should be required while establishing your business in Australia.

ASIC Services and ASIC agent in Liverpool

As a registered ASIC agent in Liverpool, we could help you with the following issues:

Register a business name

Register a New Company

Change of Company details including:

a) Change of address

b) Appoint or cease company officeholder

c) Change of name – officeholders or members

d) Change to members’ register

e) Change to share structure

f) Change of details – ultimate holding company

g) Change to special purpose company status

Notification of resolution – change of company name

Appointment or cessation of registered agent

Yes, we lodge online for safe and secure processing of our clients.Resignation of Officeholder

Resignation of Officeholder

Change of company name reservation

Extension of name reservation

Statement in relation to Company solvency

Request for correction

Registration of a managed investment scheme

Voluntary Reregistration of a Company

Supplementary Document

Review Date Report

Company debt report

Request for Adhoc Company Statement

Copy of financial statements and reports

Amendment of financial statements or directors’ report

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